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Coronavirus and Our Offices

We completely understand that these may be difficult times for our clients and agents. That is why we have decided to make some changes on how we conduct and handle our insurance business with clients.

We are making sure all our agents are healthy and safe by sanitizing our offices and keeping an approved distance from each other. If any of our agents does not feel well, they will be sent home to rest and self-quarantine.

Agents will be working from our local offices, however, all offices will be closed for customers until further notice. All business will now be conducted online or through the phone. We understand many of our customers pay their premiums in cash, so we suggest paying with a different payment method or using a money order.

Any renewals, payments, quotes, cancellations, or inquires will be done through the phone or online. Please make sure to call your local All Motors Insurance office for any questions or concerns.

As a family-oriented insurance agency, we love seeing our customers come into our offices because it allows us to create friendly connections with our community. We will surely miss seeing you in person. Take care and practice social distancing!


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