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Let's Talk Car Insurance

It's common to think that shopping for car insurance is like shopping for clothes, you find your fit and that is all. However, car insurance, and any other type of insurance, is based on a variety of factors. Plus, every company we represent has their own criteria on pricing your insurance. Simply put, car insurance is something you should take the time to learn about. See below for more in-depth information!

So How Is My Insurance Calculated?

Many factors go into an insurance company determining the rate to charge a particular insured. Though these factors are generalized, today’s technology gives companies access to much more information and an ability to break down the risk of each insured into a large variety of prices. Different companies give importance to different factors thereby causing a large variance of prices from one insured to the other and from one company to another.

Let's Look At Some Factors

When getting a car insurance quote, companies such as Progressive and Infinity Insurance look at different

factors to determine your rate. Not just that, but your quote or rate can change depending on your overall

policy deductibles and how you choose to pay. That is why we ask you thorough questions about yourself,

other drivers that live with you, your car history, and more, so we can find you the best and affordable car

insurance rates. Below are some important factors that can greatly determine your car insurance quote.

Credit Rating

Many companies have determined that the better the credit rating, the more cautious one is likely to be and less likely to file frivolous lawsuits.


In some territories there are less likely to be claims and in others much more likely. With today’s information, companies are able to break these territories into smaller and smaller areas and thereby creating a large variety of rates from one zip code to another.


Personal Information
Factors such as sex, marital status, experience, age, occupation, education, and prior insurance coverage and type of prior coverage.


Clue Reports
This is the recording entity of information reported by companies of any payout by insurance companies and/or other entity that report such information and other possible claim factors.


Property Value and Quality
The quality of construction and age not only determine its value but also the probability and extent of possible

damage (in homeowners insurance, this is becoming a big factor and inspections are now suggested to

determine any additional discounts a policy has earned because of storm protection.) Auto insurance can vary,

even within the same vehicle model depending on features.


As one can see when all these factors are multiplied, there can be a large variance of possible rates and having an agent capable of accessing many different companies that use a variety of rating factors is vital. This is where All-Motors State Insurance with its large array of companies and knowledgeable agents can be useful.

Transparent & Affordable Car Insurance With All Motors Insurance

Many insurance companies promote themselves to having cheap car insurance rates. The truth is, those

rates all depend on your record, your policy, and your car. That's why at All Motors Insurance, we pride

ourselves in being transparent with our clients and teach them ways to lower their insurance rates. Not

only that, we also have the advantage to find quotes with all the insurance companies we represent. Here

are a few tips to follow to lower your car insurance rate:

​Safe Driver Record

It should be obvious that a safe driver will get the best rates possible. Many insurance companies give discounts for being a safe driver and having a clean driving record for periods of time. The longer you go without having an accident or claim, the better it will be for you when shopping around for a quote or renewing your policy. Additionally, accidents and violations usually fall off your driving record in time. Once that happens, it's a great time to shop around for a better rate.

Pay In Full

Car insurance companies like Progressive and United Auto offer a discount if you pay your premium in full. Why do they do this? Only because it's easier for the insurance companies!

Enroll In Snapshot With Progressive

Snapshot is a free program exclusively by Progressive that rates you based on your driving. The idea is, the

safer you drive, the more you'll save! The average driver can save more than $100 with Progressive's

Snapshot. The best part, you don't need to have Progressive to try it out! You can call them directly and

request Snapshot so you can see for yourself how much you can save with Progressive. 

Save With A Bundle

If you have car insurance, why not insure your other valuables like your home or boat with the same

company! Some insurers offer great discounts if you bundle your car, home, boat, or recreational vehicle. You can even lower your rate if you purchase a multi-vehicle policy!

Shop Around & Compare Rates

The great benefit of coming to an agency like All Motors Insurance is that you don't have to stick with one company or look for rates somewhere else. We represent some of the best car insurance companies in South Florida, including Progressive, Infinity, Bristol West, and National General. Just let us know in advance if you want to look for a better rate, and we'll do the shopping for you, completely free! 

Adjusts Your Coverage

Sometimes, drivers don't realize that asking for the basic coverages like PIP and PD can actually be more expensive than having full coverage. This is because some insurers give lower rates to responsible and careful drivers. So, when asking for a quote, make sure to ask your agent to give you rates with different coverages. 

Tell Us Everything

And we mean everything! Tell us how many drivers you'll be adding, your auto's VIN, if you're a homeowner,

your home address... any of this information can give you a discount. 

Enroll In Automatic Payments

Car insurance companies also give discounts by enrolling in automatic electronic payments. This is a very

easy way to receive a discount on your policy. Not only does it make it easy for the insurance company, but

also for you! No more worrying about late payments or cancellation notices.

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