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Copy of How To Take Car Inspection Photos

You may ask why car insurance companies ask for inspection photos when you are signing with a new company. There can be various reasons why, including that you may be purchasing comprehensive and collision coverages. One of the most common reasons is because if you are ever involved in a car accident, you would need to file a claim for damages. The insurance company would then compare before and after photos of your vehicle to check what damages were caused by the accident.

All photos of your vehicle should be clear and not cut off, so make sure all corners and sides of the vehicle are completely visible. We usually ask insures to submit photos of the front, both driver and passenger sides, and back part of your car. You will also need to submit a photo of the VIN sticker found on the driver's door and the miles on the dashboard. Below are some examples of what you should submit:

All Sides of Car:


VIN Sticker:

When submitting your photos, please make sure all photos are clear and visible. If any corners of the car are cut off or photos look blurry, the insurance company will reject them. Remember, not every policy requires photos of your vehicle, your agent will let you know when these are photos are needed.

If you have any questions regarding coverages or your insurance, make sure to check out more of our blogs here. If you would like to speak to an agent, you can contact us here.


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